Meet The Team

Meet our team of friendly, qualified coaches. Our staff have a passion for the outdoors and for education!



Hi – I’m Dave Churchward, the founder of Little Acorns Forest Schools Ltd.

I’ve been a Forest School leader since 2011 and have thoroughly enjoyed my days spent in the woods with learners young and old.

I come from a military background, spanning 3 decades and have always been happiest outside and in some kind of woodland.

I enjoy bushcraft and am a military combat survival instructor. regularly getting away to practice and keep my skills up.

I am now able to train adults up to Level 3 Forest School Leader and I also teach First Aid, which compliments the qualification well.

If you’re looking to change careers or just do something different in life and you have a love for the outdoors, then maybe get in touch with us to book on a course and start your journey now!



Hi – I’m Meryl.

I try to keep the day to day running of Little Acorns as smooth as possible!

I work behind the scenes, usually sitting at my computer or speaking to someone on the telephone – but occasionally I do venture into the woods (but I only go when it’s not muddy!!!)



Hi, I’m Simon, I have worked in the outdoor Industry for 23 years, delivering all aspects from First Aid to Forest School.

I have been involved in Forest School since 2003, and delivering Forest School training for 13 years, I love Forest School and the benefits it brings to the children and adults I work with.

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be involved in Forest School, so much so I spend a lot of my leisure time in the outdoors.



Hi I’m Kate, a mum of three boys who loves the outdoors and a qualified primary school teacher.

You will often find me making mud pies in the mud kitchen at Stay and Play or entertaining our tiny little Acorns at Forest Babies!!

I love Forest school because every day is different and it is all about the ‘whole’ child. The children are in control of and lead their learning, so you support them in this exploration and discovery. This often leads to incredible learning in a very magical place!



Hi, my name is Charlotte.

I’m a mum of 3 – 2 boys and 1 girl.

I started in outdoor education back in 2017, working as a TA for a Forest School Leader in the school I worked in. I absolutely loved it – so I took the plunge and did my training with Little Acorns.

I qualified in December 2018 and started working for Little Acorns in the January of the following year.

I think it’s so important to allow children to have the opportunity to be able to explore and appreciate our natural outdoor spaces, giving them an understanding of nature and its beauty, as well as the importance of the dynamics of why we need to keep our green spaces green and how we can help to protect them. The forest school ethos helps us to deliver this and teach future generations a multitude of skills whilst having fun & normally getting very dirty!



Hi – I’m Heather.

I have worked in Outdoor Education for 6 years and in 2018, while working at Twycross Zoo, decided to complete my Level 3 training in Forest School, while volunteering with Little Acorns. People always say – never work with kids or animals, so I did both obviously! Both seem to like me! I have now been working with the team now since January 2020!

I love to be able to teach others about what they may be missing just on their doorstep. I really enjoy working with people of all ages and from all walks of life (whether that be human or furry friend!).

I love working with the Little Acorns’ team and believe the ‘Forest School Ethos’ of child-lead learning is the way forward. Seeing a child with a look of accomplishment or wonder is my favourite thing to see.



Hi, I’m Liz. I’m an active, creative, fun loving Mum of two girls with 16 years teaching experience and a passion for learning outdoors.

Being in the woods is my happy place and I love to share that with others. I joined the Little Acorn Family in 2021 after several years of promoting the forest school ethos and outdoor learning in schools. There’s nothing quite like seeing the smiles on children’s faces and sharing the discoveries they make from spending time outdoors.

I like to incorporate some Makaton sign language, stories and songs into my sessions, making it inclusive for all.



Hi, I’m Robyn.

I love forest school and think it’s even more fun in the rain.

My first forest school session was at a local school where I was working as a Teaching Assistant. I used to go down to the woods with the class I was working with and support them wherever possible. This was when I fell in love and knew I belonged in the woods not in the classroom. So, I trained as a Forest School Leader in 2021 with Little Acorns. After completing my training, I joined the team.

Now every day is an adventure – as it should be.



Hi! I’m Nicole, I’m a loving mum to two beautiful girls!

I have a passion for Forest School and its ethos, and before joining Little Acorns Forest Schools Ltd I worked in a Forest School setting for over 8 years. That’s where I found my love for it and decided to do my Level 3 with Little Acorns Forest Schools and after having my second child, a great opportunity came up and I now get to work with them!

I like to be creative and be able to share this with the children and adults I work with or around, and strive to make a difference to young children’s lives. In my spare time I like to go to the gym, I especially enjoy boxing for fitness and learning new skills.



Hi I’m Ed.

I have a great passion for the outdoors and Learning Outside the Classroom. I did my degree in Youth Work and Community Development, with Outdoor Education. I have a passion for using the great outdoors to develop the potential of young people and help them experience life outside.

I have worked in Outdoor Education since 2014 and seeing young people achieve and develop their potential always brings a smile to my face. I enjoy working with everyone and experiencing things together, sharing our experiences and what we learn from each other in the great outdoors!



I pretty much grew up in the outdoors camping, fishing and shooting as a child, which led me into instructing and coaching various outdoor pursuits, predominantly rock climbing, axe throwing and archery for the last 24 years.

I spent 10 years as a Teaching Assistant and Youth Worker working with both adults & children. I was working with SEN and EBD students supporting mainstream lessons and using the outdoors as an intervention including instructing archery, climbing, mountain biking and bushcraft.

I completed my level 3 Forest School Practitioners course in 2023 with Little Acorns as a career change after having worked in Archery for the last 14 years as a technician and coach. In my spare time I am a Community First Responder & qualified First Aid Instructor.

As a parent to 2 children, a rescue dog & a tortoise, the outdoors remains very much part of my life! As a Forest School practitioner I hope to inspire & support children in their learning in the outdoor environment, developing their intrapersonal skills as well as their mental health wellbeing. Having worked with a variety of school students and adults I know that a traditional classroom environment does not meet everyone’s needs.

“I think I’m quite ready for another adventure…” Bilbo Baggins



Hi there – I’m Debbie.

I am a Mum to 4 beautiful children and also have a grandson.

Being within nature is where I am happiest and belong. As a young child I was always fascinated by the birds, trees, soil and playing outside for hours on end. I have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature – Biophilia.

I believe when young people spend time in the great outdoors, they can develop holistically and can reach much more of their potential. For me – I believe there is a feeling of freedom that comes naturally when young people are left with their imagination, in a safe natural environment.
I trained as a Youth Worker and Forest School Practitioner as a “mature” adult and it’s the best learning I have done – working with children of all ages.

I am at the start of my journey with Little Acorns and I have been running our Stay & Play sessions with some great practitioners. What I love most is getting down to a child’s level, watching them create, learn, explore and challenge themselves, whilst supporting them to do it all safely, with nurturing guidance. I am more than happy to become a child myself, to support a child who may be a little hesitant in trying things just outside of their comfort zone – for example the mudslide!



Hi, I’m Harriet! I create, post and manage all of our content across our social media pages along with lots more!

You won’t normally see me as I’m usually at home on my laptop and phone (at the same time), but occasionally you’ll see me in the forest, getting more content of what we do!

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