Forest Schools for Schools



Bridging the gap between the classroom and our environment

Little Acorns Forest Schools Ltd has developed over the years a first-class service for schools, providing the delivery of quality educational experiences for young people of all ages, from the Early Years, through Primary and onto Secondary school.  We pride ourselves on challenging schools to give us anything we cannot teach outdoors in the woods – we have not been found wanting so far!! 

Range of schools  

We provide long term Forest School programmes to local schools and regularly deliver sessions across the local area.  We are embedded within their curriculum and are able to support learners of all ages through quality, outdoor based sessions.  Our Early Years provision is particularly successful and we have now been delivering to this age group since 2015, from very early on in the company’s history.  We have provided detailed programmes for older ages within the Primary age range.  This includes focussing on well-being, understanding ourselves and others, through to physical development of the gross and fine motor skills relevant to classroom based work.  Our work with Secondary Schools has recently started and we now provide programmes to support learners who are not able to access learning for a variety of reasons.  We are proud that this has commenced and hope to continue to support these learners as they progress through their education. 

Programmes and sessions. 

Our programmes are planned to be delivered to all ages and abilities and we take into account all areas of development as we do this.  Planning by our practitioners is done in consultation with schools.  This ensures the programme or session is delivered to the right level for our learners and they have the most inspiring and fulfilling time with us.  We provide sessions that enrich the curriculum.  For example, the Stone Age, where we explain and show our learners how to build shelters and make fire from natural resources.  We inevitably end up cooking on the fire afterwards, with a mixture of locally foraged food stuffs.  This is then eaten and enjoyed by all participants – young and old! 


The content of our sessions fully supports the curriculum and we’ve found that an active consultation with schools and teachers results in focussed activity which cements previous learning experiences.  The content of our sessions, whilst outdoor based, brings alive and provides more reality to some of the subjects that are historically taught indoors.  Our learners enjoy our sessions and are almost tricked into learning about the outdoor environment and what lives and grows within it. 


Our programmes are always delivered by qualified and competent practitioners who have a wealth of knowledge in the outdoor environment and the educational system of the United Kingdom.  All our sessions are planned, delivered, observed and evaluated. Future sessions are adjusted where necessary to ensure that the educational benefits suit a wide range of ages and abilities. 

 Evaluation and feedback 

All our sessions are evaluated by staff where they look at the delivery of the session and the positives and negatives of how it worked with our learners.  We then send feedback to our schools so that they have an understanding of what was a success, what needs work on and what didn’t work with that particular group.  We are also able to observe individuals on request as to their interaction within the session and deliver back to the school a bespoke observation to assist with learning development of that learner. 

Inset training days/sessions 

Our programmes and sessions are not uniquely designed just for children either – we are able to provide quality Inset training days for schools that want to be able to access the outdoor environment, but are unsure what Forest School is all about.  We can deliver to the whole school staff on request and put together a bespoke package that can really focus on areas of learning or development that a school wishes to improve upon.  These Inset days or twilight sessions can be booked via contacting us on . 

We look forward to you challenging us to provide a Forest School programme or session that is tailored to your school’s requirements in order for us to promote the outdoors and the ethos of Forest school with our delivery.